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Ready for some brand new, exciting variety in your flower-culture media? BloomTV is ecstatic to announce a new partnership with Schiffer Craft– BloomTV’s Book Club! Many of our BloomTV friends might already be familiar with this popular publishing company, and are already sharing in our excitement! If not, don’t worry. Stick around for a run-down on all the flower-powered literature Schiffer has in store for you.

It can be difficult to stay caught up with new books as they come out, or to sift through the wide market to find the best picks for your interests. To keep you up to date on the best floral-finds, join BloomTV and Schiffer Craft’s Book Club for monthly recommendations on the finest pieces of nature centric literature! 

Endless Florescence: Transformative Contemporary Dried Floral Design by Jenny Thomasson 

Created by floral artist Jenny Thomasson, this book is a visual showcase of twenty five different contemporary dried floral designs. Each one of these incredible creations shows how much versatility and potential truly lies in the dried floral medium. This book not only provides ample inspiration for projects of your own creation, but also the recipe with which you can create them! Thomasson takes you through the process from the first concept sketches to the final result, as well as in depth breakdowns on the techniques and materials used along the way. It also features discussions on how you can turn these contemporary dried floral pieces into the focal point of your interior design, and how one might even build the design around them.

The Herbarium of Fabric Flowers: Twenty Flower Brooch Projects Translated from Nature by Utopiano

This book by fabric floral artist Utopiano features twenty fabric flower recreations to help you bring the magic and natural beauty of flowers to your wardrobe. It takes you step by step through the process– beginning well before you’ve even settled down to begin making the brooch! The first step, according to the book, is selecting the flower you wish to recreate and taking the time to understand it. This is how the book will lead you to achieving a recreation of the flower’s beauty that goes far beyond merely the surface aesthetics of the bloom. The book aims to help you capture the scent, texture, and even the presence of the flower in your project! The book also includes full size templates and patterns to ensure your success. 

Framing Floral Techniques: Floral Design Skill Building, Inspirations, & Explorations by Renee Tucci

Renee Tucci shares her floral expertise in this book by sharing forty two distinct, unique, and beautiful floral-centric projects for you to try at home. These projects will work for floral enthusiasts of any skill level– whether you have industry training, work as a professional artist, or if you’re just looking to dig into a new hobby and create something beautiful. In addition to providing step by step instructions on each project, this book also dives into the techniques that lie behind those skills. It teaches about the fundamentals and principles of design along with the physical skills necessary to succeed with these gorgeous projects!

Styling Beyond Instagram: Take Your Prop Styling Skills from the Square to the Street by Robin Zachary

As Robin Zachary describes in her book, prop styling is a skill with a vast variety of uses, as well as an incredible creative outlet and opportunity for business. This book provides a holistic education on prop styling and how to grow and expand your skills. It describes the different types of prop styling, and will help you know how to match what type of styling to your specific goals and events! It also brings in real life applications and the business side of things, from working with clients to scoring jobs in the industry. Lastly, this book also contains a whole list of additional styling resources to help you get started, such as valuable forms, plans, and checklists!

We hope you enjoy this month’s suggestions– and be sure to stay tuned to BloomTV and Schiffer Craft’s new Book Club for the next set of picks from flower-powered literature!

By Alex Moreton

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