Who are the creators?

We have expert florists, craft makers, chefs, gardeners, farmers, botanists, child educators, home hobbyists and everything in-between. Our platform gives people who are involved in the world of florals a stage to stand on. Join us as a creator, and utilize the power of TV and a streaming network to build your brand with the help of media. 

BloomTV is built to stream online and on all smart devices such as Roku and Apple TV (available in 2023).

At BloomTV we are looking for Creators who have something special to share whether it’s a tv show idea, a workshop, or message that will help people to connect with the magic of flowers.

We’re not your “quick hit” social media platform, we are a LIFESTYLE network that focuses on beautiful storytelling to help people connect with the magic of flowers.

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For those interested in:

  • Teaching workshops (live and/or pre-recorded)
  • Making how to videos

For those interested in:

  • Creating a pilot episode
  • The opportunity to have their own show or series
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