Finding Mindfulness in the Garden

It is a rare occasion that we come across someone in our lives who doesn’t experience unwanted and exhausting stress on a daily basis. Whether from work, our interpersonal relationships, or even turmoil from our own minds, stress is a withering and far-too-common emotion for just about everyone. In fact, the American Psychological Association reports that over seventy percent of adults in the U.S experience stress. For as much as we try to avoid it, sometimes we still feel troubled or stuck in these difficult emotions. However, it’s important to remember that we can always find ways to manage it and improve our mental wellbeing!

When stress comes, the most important thing to do is seek effective methods to manage and soothe it so that we can keep growing and flourishing, even through difficult times. Certainly, this sounds like a daunting task– but research has shown that one of the best ways to manage stress is a practice that anyone can start at any time. Countless studies have found that meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress, calm nerves, and promote mental health and overall wellbeing. If that alone isn’t convincing, there are a bushel of other health benefits behind the practice, such as improving sleep quality and even sharpening memory skills and focus.

Meditation is a practice with many facets and paths, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not quite sure where to get started. Not to worry! For lovers of nature, flowers, and all things green and beautiful, here are a couple simple, enjoyable ways to get started with meditation.

Guided Meditation – Rooting Your Purpose

The most well known form of meditation involves stillness, deep breathing, and centering or clearing the mind. This is not always easy, especially with all the worries and responsibilities that are no doubt on all of our minds. Guided Meditations are the perfect way to help stay grounded in the moment and be gently walked through the process of relaxation for a successful and calming meditative experience. 

Another awesome benefit of guided meditations is they are an easy way to slip a bit of mindfulness into even one of your busiest days. We can all find a quick five minutes to relieve ourselves of some of our burdens, right? Join Arianna in her guided meditation, Your Mind is a Garden, to find restful meditation in a quick, enjoyable four minutes. This particular meditation goes beyond allowing you to clear your mind and be mindful– Arianna guides us through deep breathing and self-empowering thoughts that remind us that we are always in control of our own mental wellness. This meditation will help you settle into a purposefulness that will allow you to accept problematic thoughts, then ultimately release them along with the stress they cause. 

Meditation through Art – Calming Floral Watercolor

Another slightly more active form of meditation through flowers is painting! As relaxing as it is to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the world and her flowers, it can be even more impactful and rewarding to some to employ a more active hand in their relaxation. 

Join Ana in her Apothecary in Meditative Watercolor for a step by step guide on how to relax and experience mindfulness while creating beautiful, simple works of floral watercolor art. This isn’t only an activity for those who already have artistic skills or previous experience. Watercolor paint is light, easy to work with, and incredibly forgiving for those who want a chance to play around with color and shape without any pressure. Ana emphasizes how important it is to simply let go and enjoy the process, letting the gorgeous mingling of the colors and the petal-like way in which the watercolor dries to soothe you and allow you to let go of control and let things be. This is a great way to practice mindfulness that is not only relaxing, but it also produces a rewarding and lovely product that you can use to beautify your environment!

Flowers go so far beyond merely being beautiful to look at. They can soothe our inner turmoil, help us manage our stress, and ultimately lead us to finding mindfulness and happiness through looking after our mental wellbeing.

By Alex Moreton

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