Five Flower Powered Self Care Tips

In this day and age, I think it’s safe to say that we could all use a bit more self-care, making it a daily practice, and ritual..if you will. No matter what your current routine is, adding florals into the mix is one sure way to enhance the experience. Trust me, your body, mind, and spirit will thank me later.

Here are five ways that you can incorporate a little more flower-powered self-care into your day.

1.) Floral Shower Bundles

If you think you think you enjoy your showers now, then wait until you try adding a shower bundle. Shower bundles typically have a base made with eucalyptus, and then layered on top there are a variety of herbs, and a mix of dried flowers.

Hang one of these bundles right beneath your shower head, and let the steam from your shower release all of the beautiful oils and scents. The oils aren’t just heavenly to senses, but they’re also working to help reduce your anxiety, calm any respiratory issues, and they can provide pain relief when inhaled. Now that’s what we call being showered with love.

2.) Add Lavender To Your Bedroom

By now, it’s safe to say that most people know about Lavender’s sleep enhancing properties, so why aren’t more people using it as a part of their sleep routine? Well, it beats us! Not everyone has a green thumb, but that’s ok. Most local farmer’s markets, and flower shops sell dried lavender stems. Not only do they last forever, with no care, (…unless you have a that case nothing is safe), but they add a beautiful pop of color to the bedroom.

Not into that idea? It’s ok..we won’t take it personally. You can always get an organic grade lavender oil to put in your defuser at night, or place directly on your pillow case. The lavender will help you to get a more restful night’s sleep, which is a MUST self care necessity.

3.) Add Edible Flowers To Your Diet

There are numerous edible flowers that all have incredibly diverse health benefits. If you ask us, edible flowers should be a part of the food pyramid. With high doses of vitamin E, cancer fighting properties, healing benefits, and so much more, these pretty little flowers can pack a powerful healthy punch. Edible flower distributors such as Gourmet Sweet Botanicals will even ship them right to your door within two days of ordering.

4.) Buy Yourself Flowers

Gone are the days that women wait around for men to buy us flowers. We know what we like, and regardless of whether you think you care about getting them or not, there is something special and gratifying about seeing a beautiful bouquet in your home.

Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that by bringing flowers into your home and seeing them around you, you are incorporating a piece of nature into your home, that is actually reducing your stress levels. This isn’t just our opinion. Studies have shown that having flowers in your home, can help reduce feelings of anxiety and even ease physical pain. Not to mention…they’re soooo pretty:)

If you want a fresh bouquet delivered to your home, BloomsyBox won’t disappoint. Get a box of beautiful fresh flowers sent to you every month, or even twice a month. Now, that’s one self care act that you can check off then list, knowing that you’re already taken care of.

5.) Take A Soothing Floral Bath

After a long day, there’s almost nothing better than a nice, hot bath. But, if you want to take your relaxation to the next level, ADD FLOWERS! There’s a reason that flower baths are trending right now, and it’s not just because they’re beautiful. These baths sooth your senses with a beautiful aromatic kiss, while also offering their healing benefits to your body.

While adding flowers such as sweet jasmine can be uplifting and enhance your mood, adding peony flowers can actually improve the look of your skin by toning it. Add a few lotus flowers to the mix, and your skin will be baby soft, and your anxiety will melt away.

We encourage you to research your flowers, so that you can make a flower bath that is perfectly suited for you.

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