Floral DIYS to Try at Home with Lori Siebert

With a large portion of summer having passed, we all might be feeling the pressure to make the most of these long, sunshine filled days before the fall rolls in. One great way to spend an afternoon is creating an art project or DIY craft to add a little bit of floral flair to your home! If you’re in need of some fantastic ideas for projects, BloomTV has got you covered. Lori Siebert, professional artist and one of our Bloom experts, has a series with a whole bouquet of ideas with detailed instructions for you to try at home. She’s been an artist for as long as she can remember– so she has all the best pieces of advice and techniques to make sure your pieces turn out as beautiful as you imagine them to be. Be sure to check out her series on our website- but for a quick run down, here are three Lori Siebert DIY projects for you to try this summer. 

Floral Table Linens DIY

This project is the perfect way to add a little bit of summer to any dining table or surface in your home. In her video, Lori teaches us how to make table runners with floral print designs bleached into the fabric. The best part is– there’s no need to stop at table runners! This project could work on essentially any cloth you have, as Lori demonstrates by using this technique to customize a matching set of napkins for her floral table. 

Get started here!

Artful ‘Junk’ Flowers DIY

If you want a striking, one of a kind art installation that you can make yourself, this is the project for you. Lori teaches us how to make flower statues out of various materials that can be found all over the place- from your home, to the craft store, even to thrift stores and yard sales. These flowers will give you an opportunity to make use of all those pretty, interesting objects around your home that haven’t quite found themselves a permanent place yet. While this one may seem a bit daunting and complicated, Lori’s tutorial shows how this project can be broken down step by step for a fun, relaxing experience. 

Watch the tutorial here!

Watercolor Floral Collage

For those who enjoy painting or would love something beautiful and floral to hang on their walls, give Lori’s watercolor floral collage project a try! This piece is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring artists or even just those who appreciate art to explore a bunch of new skills and techniques, specifically with watercolor paints. She has professional tips and tricks that can create the most beautiful results, both in texture and form. For example, did you know you can use table salt in watercolor paint? Have you ever tried masking fluid? Check out Lori’s tutorial for the details on how!

Check it out here!

For the details on how to create all of these pieces and more, head over to our website for not only these tutorials, but plenty more advice and tricks from professional artist Lori Siebert. If you’re feeling creative, give one of these projects a try. You might just surprise yourself with the beautiful results you’re able to achieve!

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