Flowers and Friends – Flowering DIYs

Have you been keeping up with our Flowers and Friends live shows? Each show is one hour of fun, floral discussion and demonstrations hosted by Bloom TV’s own Ana Galena, Kara Jamison, and Dionne Woods. With guest appearances by different Bloom TV experts each week, our Flowers and Friends live show is not one to miss. We hope you’ll join us for our next live stream– it’s the perfect way to start a beautiful, flower-filled Friday morning. You’re guaranteed to learn something new from our incredible experts and leave with a smile! 

If you aren’t caught up but don’t want to miss any of our amazing guest appearances, don’t worry. You can still catch up on all the previous episodes of Flowers and Friends on our website! Last week’s full episode is available now to enjoy at any time. To prepare for another fun and energetic week of Flowers and Friends, here’s a quick recap on the creative and fun things discussed on last Friday’s episode; Flowers and Friends – Flowering DIYs. 

The first guest on last week’s episode is Lori Siebert, a mixed-media artist and self proclaimed lover of every medium of artistry she can get her hands on! Lori starts by sharing a bit of information on who she is as an artist, and how excited she is to be sharing her work with the BloomTV community. Her style is one characterized by curiosity and the passion for e

xploring! She explains how she never limits herself to just one medium when it comes to creating beautiful works of art. She paints, sculpts, sews– she can do it all. 

This week, Lori also gave a step by step tutorial on how she creates what she calls her ‘reductive’ style painting. As she explains, a reductive painting involves beginning with a background that is an explosion of color, detail, and ideas. From there, the true image really takes form by strategically covering parts of that background with white paint until a beautiful floral image is revealed! This project creates an absolutely gorgeous result that anyone can achieve. Check out the full live show for the details on how to try it for yourself! Lori’s work and tutorials on how she creates some of her projects are featured on BloomTV– be sure to take a look at her other videos for more ideas and projects. 

The next guest is the incredible felt-flower artist Marlena Colazo. Marlena’s creations could easily be mistaken for real-live floral bouquets and flower crowns– but in fact, all of her life-like works of art are made entirely out of felt! She shares some of the most important secrets about how you can create felt florals on your own at home– including some handy tricks on how to save money on materials. For example, she shares that while pure wool felt provides the best coloring and flexibility, you can also use wool blend felt instead for a much more affordable price range and still have gorgeous results!

Marlena also provides a tutorial on how to recreate one of her iconic felt flowers. The plumeria flower is a beautiful and simple pick to recreate! All you need is a bit of hot glue, some felt of whatever color you prefer, scissors, and something to add a bit of additional depth in the hues. Marlena prefers airbrushing or soft pastels from the craft store, but she says that colored pencils can work just as well. She also stresses the importance of doing things your way and enjoying the process– and that no matter what order or method you use for these easy steps, you will still come out with a stunning final product. Be sure to watch her tutorial for more in depth instructions, as well as the rest of her DIY felt-flower content on BloomTV’s website. 

If you want a chance to connect with our Flowers and Friends hosts, be sure to tune into next week’s live show, where Kara, Dionne, and Ana will be sharing a little bit more about themselves, how they got into their respective spots in the floral industry, and some exciting information about Flowers and Friends as a whole. Don’t forget to subscribe to the BloomTV weekly newsletter to be reminded of when the next show is coming up!

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