In the Weeds with Jessica

The nature of life is beautiful, rich, and full of new experiences that contribute to our growth as people. It is a lovely thing– to have this chance to explore the world and all she has to offer, to appreciate all the blooms and blessings we come across as we move through life. However, no experience comes without its thorns, and no part of life comes without its difficulties and tribulations. Pain can slow or even paralyze us when it hits if we are unsure how to move through it. However, the path to healing might be much closer at hand than we ever realized. Perhaps healing can be achieved by harnessing our pain rather than letting it frighten us into stagnation. 

Jessica Sparzak has experienced this firsthand. In the first episode of a new series on BloomTV in collaboration with WHAT Women Create Magazine titled Women Create, artist and sculptor Jessica Sparzak shares her story and how she learned to use the pain and strife that she encountered and turn it into something beautiful in In the Weeds with Jessica.


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After the early birth of her son, Jessica found both herself and her newborn child stricken with infections that left her weakened, in pain, and uncertain if she would ever reach full recovery. This story is one that can connect with thousands of others. Even for those who haven’t experienced something to this degree, it is certain that we’ve all had things happen in our lives in which we weren’t sure how we were going to make it out the other side. Perhaps you didn’t know what life would look like when things finally settled, perhaps you weren’t sure if things would ever settle at all– in essence, so many of us have had lingering pain and felt the burden of such uncertainty in our futures. Or, as Jessica described it in her own words, we’ve found ourselves wondering– “Is this going to be my forever?”

In the Weeds with Jessica proves that this burden does not have to weigh us down forever, and that we can spin our straw into gold by feeling our pain and turning it into something beautiful. In this Women Create episode, she shares how she took her heartbreaking experience and used it as inspiration for her sculptures– which are comprised of something often thought of as invasive, ugly, or unwanted, much like the difficulties we face in our lives: weeds! 

It’s both inspiring and amazing to watch Jessica’s process, from collecting the most prickly, unsuspecting brambles and weeds to see her weaving and arranging them into stunning works of art. Even more inspiring is learning about the true cathartic nature of creating these masterpieces. Jessica explains how by using these plants that likely would’ve been uprooted and killed, she is feeling and unpacking her pain, then pushing through to find the beauty on the other side. Beyond seeking to soothe her own turmoil, Jessica Sparzak also aims to, as she states, “bring curiosity to the world,” as well as caring for women around the world who also struggle with depression. 

In the Weeds with Jessica starts off the Women Create mini series with love, inspiration, and the strength to turn darkness into repurposed beauty and light. Head to BloomTV to join her on this incredible journey!

By Alex Moreton

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