Life as a Wedding Florist with Lily Roden

Feeling like there are never enough hours in the day and not enough days in the week is something we all deal with, especially when it comes to balancing work, family, and personal time. This only becomes more complicated when we factor in jobs that pull us away from home for longer than we’d like and provide chaos that can stick around even after work hours have passed by. We all want to make sure we stay connected with our family and our home lives whilst still thriving in whatever professional setting you occupy– but it’s by no means a simple task. Still, there’s always time to find unexpected ways to connect work and family life together! It may not seem easy, but wedding florist Lily Roden proves that it is absolutely possible. 

In her BloomTV series, Lily Roden shares her story, her goals as not only a wedding florist but a philanthropist as well, and takes us along with her as she works to create beauty and stay closely connected to her family. 

This series provides an inside look into how she finds balance while working in the hectic industry of wedding florals. It’s truly heartwarming and entertaining. The antics her husband gets up to over the weekend while Lily is off working at weddings will bring a smile to anyone’s face! With her little girl looked after, Lily then brings us along to see her process at an actual wedding. You won’t want to miss seeing the creation of the beautiful wedding arch that would soon provide the backdrop for a wedding that looks like it’s straight from a fairytale!

The series also features Lily’s experience being the florist for her cousin’s wedding. For those who are worried about that work-life balance, this segment might provide the confidence boost you are looking for. In Lily’s own words, she approaches the big day knowing that many people would say– “It’s so hard to do both.” To that, Lily declares that while it may be difficult, she knows she’s got this! 

In the end, there are things about these hectic varieties of jobs that make it all worth it. There’s always a reason why florists such as Lily dedicate their time and energy to pursuing this beautiful field of work. She discusses this at length in her series– starting with her desire to leave a lasting impact on the world. While flowers might dry up and die relatively quickly, she emphasizes her passion for helping people in the long term.

Many magical moments come with being a wedding florist – including passing a bride her bouquet, seeing that exchange of rings beneath a blooming arbor, and watching families laugh and bond around tables with handmade centerpieces. It’s a job unlike any other. 

Lily Roden’s ability to balance her professional career and stay so closely connected with her family is inspiring and beautiful to watch! To join her on her journey and get an inside look into what life is like as a wedding florist. Be sure to check out her series on BloomTV. 

By Alex Moreton

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