New Flower-Filled Videos Coming Your Way!

Greetings, flower enthusiasts and BloomTV followers! Brace yourselves for an exciting revelation: for the first time ever, BloomTV has gathered some of our brilliant creators under one roof, filming at the prestigious PBS12 studios! The result? A garden of new flower-inspired videos set to bloom this holiday season and beyond, featuring everything from spooky Halloween arrangements to Christmas cocktails and workshops on growing your flower business. Join us on this floral adventure as we unveil a sneak peek into the magic that awaits!

BloomTV Creators Unite: A Floral Symphony Unleashed:

Imagine the synergy when creative minds blossom together! We’ve brought our BloomTV creators under one roof at the PBS12 studios, where innovation and expertise collide to bring you a bouquet of captivating content. From spooky flower arrangements to meditative flower arranging, large-scale design tips, floral crafts, and gardening for kids—our creators have cultivated a diverse array of videos to inspire your floral journey.

Holiday Delights: Spooky Arrangements and Christmas Cocktails:

As the holiday season approaches, get ready for a visual feast that transcends traditional celebrations. Our creators have concocted spooky flower arrangements that will add a touch of mystery to your Halloween décor. And for Christmas, dive into the world of festive mixology with videos featuring Christmas cocktails adorned with floral flair—because every celebration deserves a touch of bloom!

Meditative Moments: Floral Tranquility for the Soul:

In the chaos of the holiday season, find solace in our meditative flower arranging videos. Let the soothing presence of petals guide you through moments of tranquility. Discover the therapeutic benefits of floral mindfulness as our creators share techniques to incorporate meditation into your flower arranging routine.

Looking Ahead: Workshops Galore in 2024!

But the floral extravaganza doesn’t end with the holidays. Brace yourselves for an abundance of workshops set to release in January 2024! Whether you’re an aspiring florist, a craft enthusiast, or someone looking to elevate your floral business, our workshops will provide insights, tips, and hands-on guidance from industry experts.

Stay Tuned, Blossom Seekers!

This holiday season, keep your eyes peeled for the release of our flower-filled videos. BloomTV is about to transform your celebrations with a burst of creativity, joy, and floral inspiration. And as we usher in 2024, get ready to dive deep into the world of workshops designed to nurture your passion for flowers and business growth.

Subscribe, follow, and join us on this exciting floral journey brought to you by BloomTV—the home of endless floral possibilities!

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