Popped with Phebe

The floral industry is far more than beauty and the simple joys of nature. There is a vast variety of businesses that create this diverse field– many of which come from entrepreneurs with a passion for flowers and the drive to create their own company. Creating your own business is by no means an easy task, especially in an industry full of florists, artists, and other experts of incredible talent! It’s an intimidating thing to try and dip your toes into– but countless business owners have shown with inspiring success and joy that it is more than possible!

Phebe Higgins of Popped with Phebe is one example of a successful businesswoman in the floral industry. Phebe began working in higher education after many long years of studying, but she was quick to realize that she had quite the passion for florals and floral design. Her skill in program planning from her studies and previous work experience in tandem with endless creativity and a love of flowers led her to discover that both of these things could be combined into one business pursuit. This is what led her to creating her first business in the floral industry- an event planning business! Naturally, starting out in this industry is a difficult task, but Phebe’s marketing strategies brought her success at a far faster rate than she expected. The effectiveness of her strategy changed the way she viewed successful businesses as a whole, and paved the way to the prolific pop up shops she has now!

Pop-Up Shops were initially used as a marketing strategy to create an interest and demand in Phebe’s flourishing wedding floral and event business quickly making her a known name in the floral industry and dubbing her a “pop-up shop guru.” That nick-name definitely stuck! Now, Phebe looks to teach like-minded people who want to break into the floral industry with their own businesses how to reach the same success that she did. She offers a multitude of online resources, from guides for creating your first pop-up shop, to one on one mentorship.

Phebe shares her knowledge with us at BloomTV as well in her video series on our website. Phebe tells us that, even from the days she began as a wedding planner, she always seeks to bring a spark of joy to everything that she does. The videos she shares on BloomTV definitely accomplish that goal! Phebe maintains the beauty and joy of flowers while still putting particular focus on the difficulties and trials of the business aspects of things. Her videos provide a sort of resource guide on how to create successful floral pop up shops– though these strategies could be applied to a multitude of types of small businesses! 

Through experience and drive, Phebe has truly taken hold of the name “Pop-Up Shop Guru” with her excellent advice. She has been through it all, and yet still emphasizes the deep importance of always showing up for others. In her own words, she asks herself– “How can I give others an easier path than I had?” Her series provides both inspiration and invaluable advice for anyone looking to start a business, or even searching for a similar sense of motivation and strength that Phebe has. Be sure to head over and watch her series– you won’t want to miss this one. 

Popped with Phebe

By Alex Moreton

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