Buzz Buttons – The Flower That Will Make Your Mouth Water…Literally

If you’re new to the idea of using edible flowers in your culinary dishes, or as a part of your daily nutrition, then the buzz button flower is not the one to start with! However, if you want to get a funny reaction from your friends and family, then this sweet, harmless looking little yellow flower, will definitely deliver.

What may start as an earthy, green flavor, and a bit of a zing, will soon turn into a powerful buzzing of the tongue, and create what will seem to be an everlasting drool fest, paired with a numbing sensation that you can typically only get from an expensive trip to the dentist.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..”Why would anyone ever want to eat one of those funny little flowers..?” Well besides getting a kick out of watching people react, these edible flowers actually have several healing benefits. So, our recommendation..suck it up buzzy cup!

Nutritional Benefits

That tingling sensation that these flowers produce are actually in result of the spilanthol that this flower produces. This is absorbed through the soft tissue in our mouth, giving us a quick numbing sensation. Because of this effect, the buzz button flower has been used for centuries as an all-natural solution to help reduce the pain of toothaches, sore throats, and even used to reduce joint swelling.

But, if this mouth watering flower is too much for you to bare, not to worry! This flower can be used externally as well. It can be ground, or chopped up, in order to create a skin cream that’s perfect for alleviating tired muscles.

Although the alleviating qualities are quite impressive, this flower holds another magical talent – the ability to temporarily decrease the appearance of wrinkles topically. Add a small amount of this flower to your favorite skin cream, and then thank us later:)

Culinary Uses

If you’re into the powerful punch, then you can use the entire buzz button flower on almost any savory dish. Although, we have found that this pairs best with fruits and cocktails. Many restaurants have began to use it in specialty cocktails, to add a tingly surprise.

Another way that we like to use this flower is by breaking up the tiny yellow flowers, and adding it as a topping to brownies, sorbets, and even to savory lemon pasta dishes. You can also add it to your cooking oil, or infuse a thick syrup. Morning buzz pancakes anyone?

The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun. We invite you to expand your use of edible flowers, whether it’s by adding them to your skin cream, or to your kitchen pantry. Have fun, enjoy the healing benefits, and give your tastebuds a buzzing surprise!

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