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Daria Eibert

Daria Eibert is an Estonian-Russian artist, based in Amsterdam. She has been making art since 2006. It took her twelve years before she dedicated herself to one particular object – an iris flower. Her work aims to unfold femininity and eroticism rooted in nature. Using an almost monochrome palette, she explores the depth, intensity and origins of sensuality. . 

Carl Jung was a pioneer in explorations of properties and meanings of colors in our lives, how it influences perceptions. My canvas is my meditation field where I capture my emotion and start living through it. Sometimes, it can be quite the opposite where I’m selecting a particular color and start to observe my emotional state. 

We live in a fast-paced world, where TikTok and Instagram evoke emotion after emotion, and I want to invite you to capture your unique emotional moment, stay in it, and realise how beautiful it is, just like Impressionists captured a moment in time through paintings. 

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