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Jenny Thomasson

Jenny Thomasson AIFD PFCI EMC AAF, is an accredited member of AIFD, American Institute of Floral Designers, Professional Floral Communicators International and EMC, European Masters Certification. She is a touring commentator for the Education Specialist Team for Teleflora, featured designer in industry publications, networks and podcasts, a lead instructor at the Dr. Delphinium Design Institute in Dallas Texas, sole proprietor for Jenny T Floristry and a newly published author of her own book, Perishable Poetics: Manifesting Emotion through Contemporary Floral Design. She is also the CEO and product developer for Meraki Floral Tools, a new tool company and resource worldwide.

Experience I think is the best teacher and to learn through the discovery of trying. I often use the term creating unapologetically and find that taking the time to play and share are those moments when I unlock secrets within my own artist voice. Using inspiration to guide me and making mental notes of where I find those nuggets of gold and to understand what the essence of that is continually pushes me to create new pieces. So here on my channel you will see me doing designs that are calling out to be realized, unusual ideas, unique pairings and talks of mechanics and construction. I enjoy the structure of modern, Avant Garde compositions and hope that you are inspired, encouraged and enlightened for your journey in floristry.

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