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Lily Roden

Meet Lily, Latina, proud immigrant, owner/lead floral designer.

Lily is a Southern California florist specializing in organic floral design. Her strong attention to detail in florals and decor is evident in just one quick scroll of her Instagram feed. She loves to make the world a brighter place by working with blooms and supporting non-profits along the way.

Lily never planned on becoming a florist. Her floral design stemmed from a season of high work stress, and soon she found herself decompressing by arranging any flowers she could get her hands on every weekend. Five years of floral design later, she still gets a rush for each finished arrangement as she did when she first began.

Lily doesn’t have clients; she has friends. She considers it the highest honor to be part of their big day and lives for the moment when a bride holds her bouquet for the first time.

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