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Marc Sardi is a floral designer based in Montreal, Canada, who focuses on using seasonal and local materials in order to share his passion for beauty and nature.

Marc is a trained wildlife biologist and horticulturist who has worked for over 20 years in the environmental field. He started his career doing wildlife surveys, specializing in songbird censuses that required him to learn and remember hundreds of bird songs and calls. He then developed a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge through his experience as a scientific educator at the Montreal Insectarium and Botanical Garden. His academic and professional paths helped him to develop very strong passions for wildlife conservation in cities, urban gardening and education, which led Marc to become an expert in urban biodiversity, working for a number of non profit organizations involved in urban greening, public awareness, and wildlife conservation. He was especially passionate about positively changing citizen opinion and behaviour with regards to nature in cities by speaking publicly about pollinators, native plants, threatened bird species and gardening for wildlife.

Having achieved his personal goals and having made his mark with regards to helping nature in cities, Marc decided it was time to pursue his dream of filling his life with flowers. He thus launched his small floral design enterprise in the fall of 2017, and has since then developed an expertise in sustainable floristry, using his knowledge and passion for nature which evolved through his environmental career.

Floral compositions created by Marc are inspired by nature and by the interactions between the species that inhabit it. His inspiration also comes from paintings of the European Golden Age. Chosen flowers and plant materials are seasonal products sourced in priority from local farms, from his garden and gardens of loved ones, and from foraging in the wild. Outside of the growing season, Marc favors as much as possible the purchase of fair trade and sustainable products, and makes sure that imported materials have the smallest possible carbon footprint. Furthermore, all plant residues generated by his craft are composted, and great care is awarded in choosing reusable, biodegradable and sustainable materials. All designs by Marc are free of floral foam.

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