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TJ McGrath

In July of 2015, I  made a scary decision on the fly and resigned from, with no new job offer in hand, an Executive position in a national retail chain to chase my dream of some kind of work in the floral industry. My resume was rooted in a long and successful career in sales and marketing. All I had to offer an employer in the floral industry was my passion for flowers and some 15 years of novice backyard gardening. I soon discovered and joined the newly opened Blue Jasmine Boutique as a part-time employee. I put in 150 percent and I proved my value thru hard work, business savvy and creativity. I quickly earned  full time status and became an integral part of the business. I served for several years as the Lead Designer, Social Media Manager, Content Creator and Liaison to the local flower farming community, as well as a large network of floral related and event industry suppliers and creatives.

Fast forward to present day. The uncertainty of the global state and the Covid 19 pandemic. I find myself once again at a crossroads. What do I do? Could I even find a job with an established florist or is the economy killing those kinds of opportunities? If I could find a job, I had to ask myself, ‘do I want to pour myself into helping someone else grow their business again?’ I looked around and there were some jobs out there. I talked with some friends who all showed me unwavering support and confidence, but would it be enough? What do I do? Well, you already know the answer because you’re here, visiting my website and I’m really happy to have you as guest!

I’m starting this studio from my 830 sq. ft home in Plainfield New Jersey, where I live with my partner Andrew, our cat Oola and two dogs, Chaucer and Percy. I can’t wait to see where this second leg of my flower journey takes me and I’d love it if you would Subscribe below so you can follow along with me.

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