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About Ana and This pilot

Ana Galena is a Mexican florist with more than 25 years of experience working in the floral industry.
From the beginning, Ana Galena realized that flowers, beyond decorating and making a space beautiful, fill people’s lives with joy.
Ana Galena tells us that she is passionate about flowers, talking about them excites her, designing with them connects her and sharing with others gives meaning to everything she feels and is inside her.
When you see Ana in action, you can immediately perceive that there is such a strong relationship between her and the flowers that it seems that they speak to her and that it is the flowers that guide each of her movements.
Ana Galena has been able to experience how flowers are capable of transforming lives and that is why she decided to embark on this expedition to investigate why flowers are so magical. She wants to discover what they have that make people smile and lead us to live a fulfilled life. Ana Galena has already experienced this magic in floral design, now she wants to investigate if it also happens in food, medicine, gardening, painting and all areas where flowers are present.
In this episode Ana Galena takes us on an exploration of the magic in edible flowers. Many of us would never have imagined that when we are served a flower with our food it is because we can eat it, nor would it have occurred to us that when we are presented with a dish decorated with flowers, we instantly pause and it is inevitable to sigh.
Accompany Ana Galena on this expedition to find out what are the flowers we can eat, where can we find them, why every day we see more chefs cooking with flowers and yet few people use them in their daily lives.
Discover together with Ana Galena why adding edible flowers to our daily lives will bring smiles to your life and will help you stop living in auto pilot so you can live a life of intention.