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There’s no denying it– if you aren’t keeping up with BloomTV’s Flowers & Friends live show, you’re missing out! For gardners, florists, botanists, or even just lovers of all things floral and beautiful, the Flowers & Friends live show is the best place to get in on the most current tips and tricks, as well as stay up to date on emerging names in the floral industry! Missed a few episodes? Don’t worry. All the past live shows are available HERE, so you can get caught up and subscribe so you’re ready to join in the fun next time!

If you missed last week’s live show or simply want a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick recap on the Flowers & Friends – Wedding Flower Hacks live show with hosts Kara Jamison and Ana Galena!

The first special guest for this week’s episode was young wedding florist Carley Gubera of Carley Jean’s Florals. Carley is quite young in the realm of professional wedding florists– she actually began her career while she was still in college! Having just recently graduated, Carley is looking for opportunities to expand her business and dig deeper into the industry. Her story of how she started as a florist might surprise you! After a few years of selling bouquets at Greek Life events at her college, she was approached and asked if she’d ever consider creating pieces for a wedding. This was that spark-igniting moment that made Carley realize that, in her own words, this was her path to “make this hobby into a career.”

Since that day, Carley’s business has bloomed. She shares wedding stories in her segment and provides super helpful insight on the shifting trends for wedding bouquets! This season’s trend? According to Carley, it’s switching out all that extra greenery in your bride’s bouquet for beautiful blooms. Carley also provides some awesome tips for brides on a budget who still want their wedding day to shine. One great idea she shares with us is reusing the bouquets from the ceremony in the reception! For example, bridesmaids bouquets can become gorgeous table centerpieces or decor for around entrance tables or even the bar. 

The next special guest for this week is Mayrose Marquez, a LA/OC Picnic Planner and designer. She first shares how her business really took off quite recently. She started creating these beautiful picnic setups during Covid, and since then, things have really blown up! A designer picnic could be the perfect bit of extra magic for plenty of different events. Mayrose mentions creating these picnics for couples that are soon to be married, bachelorette parties, tea parties amongst friends, and plenty more! The backdrop from which Mayrose (and Ana!) films from is an absolutely stunning example of one of these picnic layouts. 

Mayrose also lets us in on a few of the most important things that she’s learned in her time as a professional picnic planner. There are a couple tips that could very well save your entire picnic from going awry! As she explains, wind and weather can be huge issues for these sorts of events, as well as finding a way to carefully transport all the materials. Don’t worry! Mayrose has some easy fixes and ideas for combat these issues. In order to avoid decor and settings being blown away or knocked over by the wind, Mayrose recommends finding vases and candleholders with flat, heavy bottoms. With sturdy bases, your flowers and candles will be safe from the elements while the guests enjoy their picnic! To make transportation easier, she also let us in on a little secret about using lidded jars as glass vases. You can simply attach the lid to the jar filled with water before packing it into your car, and you’ll be safe from any leakage on the way!

If you missed this week’s lovely guests, don’t sweat it. Flowers & Friends hosts a new show every Friday at 10 A.M PST, and you can always catch up on past episodes at any time on the BloomTV website! Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll always be up to date about new shows and announcements. See you next time!

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